Listening Test Format

The listening test consists of six parts and contains 34 questions.

There will be 5 or 6 questions on each part of the listening test.

You will hear two conversations, two lectures, and two discussions on academic topics.

You will hear a variety of questions types, including: main ideas, details, summarizing, inferences, implications, functions, and idioms.

Each part of the listening test contains a page with a photograph of the speaker.

You will see a media player when each page opens.

Press on the play button to begin this part of the test.

You should take notes on paper during each part of the listening test.

You should allow yourself 45 minutes to complete all six parts of the listening test.

The 60 minutes includes the time to listen to the six parts, as well as to answer all 34 questions.

You may use the "NEXT" and "BACK" buttons to return to questions within each of the six parts of the test.

You may skip a question and return to it.

However, once you have selected an answer, it cannot be changed.

Please be sure to read the feedback and advice carefully after you have answered each question.

Your score will be given at the end of each of the six parts of the listening test.

Be sure to answer every question in order to receive your score.